MIDE-761 The niece is now grown up and the uncle is a pervert

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    Sakura's parents had to go away for work, so this summer they took her back to her hometown to stay with her grandmother to ease her sadness. Because she was used to living in the city, when she returned to her hometown, she became more bored because the lifestyle did not suit her. Fortunately, near her house, there is a neighbor who often stops by to help because her grandmother often loses her memory, so she is partly relieved of her sadness. After learning many times that her neighbor often peeked at her because of her provocative skimpy clothes, she boldly asked him to have sex with her while eating ice cream. Facing the attraction of his lustful niece's body, he seemed to regain his youth, unable to control himself, so he went beyond the limit for her age. This lustful girl hasn't stopped there, she got tired of playing with the neighbor's uncle and now continues to solicit his younger brother during a visit to his house to deliver something for his brother.